frozen + kanye??

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Yaya Han is Ridiculous as Emma Frost


Yaya Han is Ridiculous as Emma Frost

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Here’s the thing, I love fanfiction. I think it’s often a great supplement to the original work. It’s a great way to gain camaraderie in a fandom, to see the trends of what is and isn’t popular. And it’s a way to get what you want while still respecting canon.

And there is good fanfiction. Wide Sargasso Sea is a wonderful book. It is also total fanfiction. It’s Jane Eyre, but from Bertha’s perspective. And it’s awesome. And in 2006, the Pulitzer prize winner for fiction was a novel called March. Which is, as you may have guessed, Little Women from Mr. March’s POV.

So why is it that this Amazon promise of royalties puts such a pit in my stomach?
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Young elephant playing on a beach in Phuket, Thailand by John Lindie

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